Acupuncture Eastbourne


Acupuncture stimulates the patient's own healing responses and immune system. Dr Yao uses fine needles across the body's meridians to relieve pain, stop discomfort and remove toxins.

Chinese medicine Eastbourne


The clinic offers Chinese herbal teas and loose herb prescriptions to a patient's exact needs. The medicine can cure many conditions as well as preventing major illnesses.

Chinese doctor Eastbourne


Massage and cupping can relieve acute and chronic pain, stress and muscular-skeletal disorders. Dr Yao uses tuina massage and hot cupping to strengthen the blood and stimulate the flow of qi.


Our clinic brings a Beijing Hospital professor excelling in acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies to Sussex. Dr Yao draws on a tradition of 2,000 years and has been treating patients in the Eastbourne area for 10 years.

Testimonials are available for success with chronic and acute conditions. Acupuncture and herbal medicine combine at the clinic to create a complete healthcare system.

Dr Yao will use natural energy pathways to treat imbalances. She looks for patterns reflecting your constitutional type as well as what you tell us about your specific complaint.

Our treatments can activate your body's own ability to heal itself. Dr Yao may support this with herbal medicine therapy.

Dr Yao assesses distribution of heat and cold, pulse, skin condition and tongue colour to assess how your body is functioning and treat your problems.

The preliminary consultation is always complimentary. It will cost you nothing and could turn your life around.